Industry Research Group

Industry Research Groups (IRG) are a cooperation between companies which are interested in research on application-related topics, and the ITA. The idea of this collaborative research initiative is to systematically address technological, economical and strategic issues in the field of glass fibre technology. A consortium of industry representatives decides on a joint research project which will be worked on by the ITA over a course of 1 – 3 years. The consortium gives directions on the desired research and thereby gains access to exclusive research results. You are deciding what research will be conducted!

The leading theme of the IRG is the development of tailored glass fibre materials regarding the properties, geometries and production technology. All topics regarding glass fibre technology will be considered and evaluated by the IRG. An annual membership contribution is required to join the IRG which includes access to summarized research reports, participation in bi-annual stakeholder meetings, and the opportunity to direct the research. The IRG also provides a platform to expand the individual networks. The first meeting of the IRG will take place during the 4th International Glass Fibre Symposium.