Launch of the MoonFibre Project Initiative


Imagine people will live on the moon - what will they wear, where will they live, which material will they use? Fibres play a central role. But these Fibres have to be made of what moon provides - rocks and sand! ITA researcher Alexander Lüking, Davide Pico and Thilo Becker were the first to show that it is possible to produce fibres from lunar rock. Especially the "highland" samples show favorable properties. Clothing can be tailored out of this mineral, buildings can be insulated and concrete as well as other bulk materials can be reinforced with “moon fibres”. Even spacecraft could be build out of MoonFibre-composites.

As reported in the news, we are now launching a crowd funding initiative to secure funding to turn lunar fibres from a concept into reality and to produce basaltic lunar fibres in space! With a contribution of just 15.000€, you can bring us one step closer to our goal. To express your interest as a sponsor, please visit our dedicated page