Travelling Conference - Goyang

The first event of the “Travelling Conference” of the ITA took place on Monday, 07.01.2019 at the Korean Institute for Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) in Goyang, Korea. Over the coming week, a team of researchers from the ITA as well as selected companies from the German textile industry will travel to Korea and China in order to initiate an international exchange. The launch event in Goyang was a great success, with researchers from the KICT as well as industry partners joining the conference. In a special discussion with the KICT research team on 3D printing of lunar rock, the curren MoonFibre initiative of the ITA was als further developed on an international platform.

Following the conference, the German delegation met with the German deputy ambassador to the Republic, Mr. Weert Börner, at Korea at the German Embassy in Seoul. The counsellor for scientific affairs from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Mr. Alexander Renner, also participated in the meeting. The current state of the German-Korean research cooperation as well as future plans for such cooperation were discussed.

The next stop of the Travelling Conference in Ningbo, China. For further information, please click here.