Travelling Conference - Shanghai

The final destination of the 2019 Travelling Conference “FutureCon” was at the Donghua University in Shanghai (China). From 13. - 14.01.2019, the first China-Germany Forum on Inorganic Fibres was held at the Campus of the Donghua University in Shanghai. Hosted by the Key State Laboratory for Modification of Chemical Fibers and Polymer Materials (SKLFPM) and the Institut fuer Textiltechnik (ITA) of the RWTH Aachen Unviersity, the conference saw over 75 participants from China and abroad. The Engineering Research Center of Advanced Glass Manufcaturing Technology of the Donghua University as well as the Chinese Materials Research Society were also involved in the organization of the event.

In 11 presentation from German and Chinese researchers, current research trends and results were presented and discussed in a professional setting. At the end of the conference day, a tour of the facilities of the Donghua Unviersity was offered and the discussions from the conference were continued during a Banquet hosted by the ITA and Donghua University.

This conference concluded the visit of the German delegation from the ITA as well as selected industry partners to Korea and China. Three conferences, several visits to industry partners and discussions with experts from the respective countries contributed to an overall success of the journey.