Glass & Basalt Fibre Research Overview

The glass & basalt fibre research team is involved in a variety of different state-funded as well as industry-funded R&D projects. On three separate state of the art glass fibre production lines, ranging from 1 to 203-Filament bushings, extensive research is conducted on glass fibre production technology. Novel production equipment as well as processes are developed on a laboratory scale and transferred to a semi industrial scale. With extensive expertise in the field of fibre production and engineering, the group provides R&D services to clients from around the world. For an overview of our research facilities, click here. Worldwide, we are also the only provider of unsized or water sized glass fibres for academic and industrial research projects. Should you require such unsized or water sized glass fibres, please get in touch for a quote.

The key areas of interest for the research and development effort are currently: