Research Facilities

The reinforcement fibre research group owns several fibre production lines for glass, basalt and carbon fibres as well as state of the art testing equipment. The following key equipment is currently in use at the ITA facilities:


Glass Fibre Production

  • 203-Tip Bushing on an otherwise industrial sized filament drawing station. A marble/pellet melt process is used to produce glass filaments. A commercial Dietze + Schell winder is attached to the production line.

  • 7-Tip technical scale bushing heated by induction allowing for rapid scale-up of laboratory scale trials. The entire spinning station can be fully encapsulated.

  • 1-Tip bushing for initial laboratory scale trials

  • Drying ovens


Carbon fibre Production

  • EISENMANN Stabilization Oven incl. winding systems

  • EISENMANN Carbonisation Oven incl. winding systems

    • up to 50k tow

    • two separate stages up to 1500°C

  • Laboratory Stabilisation Oven

  • Sulfonation Line for the stabilisation of PE-Precursors

  • Electrolyte Surface Activation Basin

  • Sizing Application Basin

  • Various Winders


Carbon Fibre Precursor Production

  • Trützschler Industrial Scale Solution Spinning Line

    • 3k filaments

    • 8-80 liter dope supply

    • up to 100m/min

  • Technical Scale Solution Spinning line

    • 1k filaments

    • 7 - 10 liter dope supply

    • up to 50 m/min

  • Laboratory Scale Solution Spinning Line

    • Monofilament & Multifilament

    • 25 - 1000ml dope supply

  • Four separate melt spinning stations for alternative precursor production